Mascon Caulking Image


Mascon is an experienced caulking / sealant applicator in the lower mainland of Ontario. We are particularly experienced on application of sealant or caulking on high rise building reveals and in inaccessible areas.

We offer from a five to ten-year warranty on our products and labor depending on the sealant or caulking material selected.

Our applicators are experienced and trained in the use of bosunchair, swingstage and boom equipment. For our team there is no inaccessible areas.

There are many caulking and sealant manufacturers and hundred of products designed for different applications and use. Products are selected depending on the material(s) to be caulked, the requirements for flexibility, use, environmental conditions and the coatings and painting to be applied.

Our teams have the professional experience to suggest the best product for your project.

✓ Remove & replace sealants on any building
✓ Installation of sealants for new construction
✓ Fire stopping and smoke sealing